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Love your blog. Spain looks amazing and I enjoyed your review. Following you from The DIS:)

Nam Do

Great post Inga! Looks like you had a great time in Spain! I can't wait to visit.



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English isn't my mothertongue so I hope I have usearntdnd right.Yes the song is below a sopranos range but its not tenor. Not just because of the fact that tenor is for men. I think this song is alto range and why shouldn't she sing this? Unless she is a sopranos, but even if she is, you can transpose ^^


i dont think i will sing it amazingly, just okay. and i am not sure if i am tenor, alto or sprnaoo. i am comfortable from B (just below middle C) and g (an octave above middle C) i can sing higher than that and lower but i am most comfortable in that range. thanks visufreak


What are you talking about!? I never aemsusd you were white! Was just trying to show an example of how ignorance is not neccessary. To say this women has the face of a baboon is highly offensive and kind of racist .then you try to make it appear that you are merly stating an opinion. Sounds like you are un happy with yourself if you feel a need insult a someone on looks rather then merit.


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    This is my husband, I and our 5 little elves. We live under the North Pole, in beautiful Iceland, but love nothing more than travelling with our 5 kids.

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