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I was in Copenhagen for Christmas and New Year. My boyfriend lives there! I loved the Russian them of Tivoli. I was beautiful and love the Danish traditions. I'll send you my post on twitter :)


If that's all the time you have, I'd focus on flights. Ryan Air is a good cihcoe and there are several others. eBookers is a good budget service for Europe. And here is a guide to Budget Travel around the world, with a lot of Euro-focused Web sites referenced.


I love seeing the inirotres of others' houses. It's interesting to see the Danish take on interior decor. Neat. Your Mom has a beautiful place.The word to describe my own indoor decorating efforts, currently, is spare (as in, edit..edit..edit ). I don't have kids nor the accumulation of stuff that many do. Nevertheless, I sometimes feel that I'd like to turn the house upside down and desposit nearly everything into a whopping garbage bin. I get overwhelmed by even minor sorting Quality over quantity, paid for with cash, is in my future. Simplicity and freedom.Ellen P.

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