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Hi Inga,

Love your blog. Having also traveled extensively with our 5 elves, then the key is to think small. We have also allowed the kids to only have a small backpack (school bag) of clothes and then been good at buying quick-dry clothes. This has worked for us both while doing our 6-week camping trip around the US as well as our trips to Africa and China with them.

I however have to admit that this is getting harder as they are now all teenagers and especially the girls need to have lots of beauty products, hair-irons, etc. etc. etc.

The best thing about traveling with 5 kids - you can in many places qualify for a group discount :-)

Inga Rós

Thanks Gísli!
I think we have a lot in common, after all there aren´t THAT many families who travel w. 5 kids. You however have the lead on exotic places ;-)
Would love to take our kids on a camping trip in the US. Coast to Coast has been a dream for many years.

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Maybe like the magpies of Tanabata meet, I am a bridge between two cultures.

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A fox may grow gray,)-( but never good.

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We each bring a snack bag of our favorite junk foods on long trips. We dont really eat junk food often so when we are traveling we break all the rules.

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It looks scrumptious. My photo taking light indoors seems to have deserted me too - Autumn, clearly.

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