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Sunday, May 22, 2011



Hi there,

It seems really impressive ! Do you know how large the affected area is and do you have any idea how long it will be like that ? I suppose it depends on the volcano...
I ask because I was suppose to go camping in Svinafell in like two weeks and just want to know if there is still a chance I can do it or if I have to rethink my plans !
Well my problem is nothing compared to the people levaing there, good luck to them and to the sheep !


Hi Vivian

You shouldn't worry too much about your trip. Usually eruptions in Grímsvötn are over in a week. Svinafell is in the area hit by the ash fall so expect it to be dirty and dusty. Most of Iceland seems to be affected now, but nothing serious though. No one is being evacuated and no one is in immediate danger.

Have a great trip :)


Incredible pictures. I didn't realise the ash got in through the windows like that! Amazing. Stay safe.


The ash pictures remind me of our home here in Washington State after Mount St. Helens erupted. Great pictures.

Account Deleted

Hi Hjörtur,
Thanks for posting interesting pictures of the volcanic eruption. I am an academician in earthscience,working in India and researching about north Atlantic and Arctic. I heard from Prof.Karsten, Univ. of Bergen, that the ashes have made thin blanket over Bergen too. I would be grateful, if you can help me in getting a few grams ( about 500) of these ashes for study purpose
with regards
biju longhinos


Hi Biju

Thank you for your interest in the North Atlantic and the Arctic. I'm living outside the ash fall zone (it mainly blew south). But you can actually order some ash from nammi.is:

Hope that helps. If not, let me know.


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